Ok so its been so long since I have been on this blog that I actually forgot what the address to this blog was!!!!!  So silly!  But I thought that I would check it out and pots a little something since its been a while.  Also I was reading through one of my posts and I was talking about how I didnt know how to work facebook!!!  oh how silly I was!!!



Ok so I figured out how to finally put my cakes on here so if you want one let me know!!

my first cake was for my daughters b-day! she wanted a Rapunzel tower cake! it was probably my most time and effort intensive cake!!

Second cake was for my friends son's 5th birthday.
He wanted a superhero cake! I think this turned out sooooo good!!

Third cake was for my son's 1st birthday! I didn't want to go to a lot of effort or time for his because he wasn't going to know the difference so I did a super cute sheet cake with a pile of bananas for the fondant monkey I made to sit on!! there was a palm tree on there at one point but it kept falling down!! :( but oh well it still looked super cute! I also did a monkey faced cake for him to dive into himself, made out of banana cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.

The latest cake I have made was for my sister-in-laws twin baby shower!! and yes I did make all of the animals! that was probably the best tasting cake, because I made it from scratch!! super yummy!!

Ok!! look things over and let me know what you want me to make for you!!



HEY ALL, I am having a garage sale at my house this

Saturday from 7am to 3pm!!

I have lots and lots of baby clothes, toys and other fun baby things. I will have some dog houses, a random car transmission, a heavy wrought iron door and loads of other things, come and take a peek and help me get rid of my extra things!!!!


Baby Ryan & life

Ryan is now three months old!! I cannot believe it!! time flies when you are having fun. I am now back to work and wish i could stay home with my babies!! yes I still consider Elise my baby. Ryan is growing like a weed and getting so cubby. His cousin who was born 4 days before him, used to look like he was 1-2 months older than Ryan! thats because Ryan was still so small, but I guess when your baby actually gets food he can grow pretty well!! :) so now that Ryan is getting the right amount of food, he now looks chubbier than his cousin!! ya for Ryan.

We have listed our home......AGAIN.......we will see what happens this time. Jeremy has put in for a position with his company in Pennsylvania!! so if he gets it we will really need to sell it!! I will keep you all updated as to what happens with that


new famiyl pics!!

Isn't our new family pics so stinkin cute!!! I thought so too!! unfortunately I didn't get any individuals of the kids so I will have to do that later!!



Baby Ryan finally is here!! He showed up early monday morning, the 31st that is, not this morning!! He was 7lb, 9oz 20 1/2 inches long!! It was a great experience and with this one, I can understand why women would want to have an epidural. Of course it was painful with Elise, BUT you forget HOW much it hurts!! But I was thinking by the time I wanted the pain the go away it was almost over so I wouldn't have been able to have an epidural anyways!! so I guess I will just continue having natural births!............that is if I have any more ;) at this point I will just get used to having two kids!! Well with Jeremy in the picture I guess I have three!! just kidding!! Jeremy takes care of me more than I take care of him so it might be said that he has three kids now!! n-e-ways Go to my facebook page to see the pics of my darling baby boy and his sweet big sister!!!


40 weeks & two days!!

Well hello again all!! I didn't realize that some people read my blog!! yea!! that makes me feel a whole lot better!! So thanks to all my friends who look at this blog. First of all I am posting on my blog because STILL I have NO idea how to work facebook!! I am feeling more technologically challanged with each passing day. The more they come out with new stuff the farther I fall behind. but oh well I don't feel like I am missing out on anything :) SO on to my reason for posting today. I am now two days overdue and am completely flabbergasted as to why!! I mean I understand that a due date can be off two weeks either way, but I know the exact day that I conceived this little guy so things should be coming any time soon!!! I mean come on Ry guy!! there are so many wonderful things in this world to experience!! Don't you want to expereince them all!!

Which brings me to my next point. everyone PLEASE stop asking me when I am going to pop!!! I really feel fine and in reality I know he will come when its time, but I am sick of being looked at like a ticking time bomb!!! and please stop asking me if I have tried this or tried that to induce labor!! I HAVE TRIED IT ALL..... except for the whole castor oil thing.,.......:p I am not sure I will try that one. Well I just realized what time it is and I have to run to my midwifes office to see what the heck is going on with this little one!!!